Key points when choosing glasses

Glasses are one of the key accessories that can really change our appearance. Many people go into a glasses store and don’t really have an idea of what style they want and just try on a dozen or more styles before getting frustrated.

Well this method of selection is unnecessary as selected the right glasses for your face is an easy science and can reduce the number of glasses you need to try on.

Before you can find the right glasses for yourself, you need to firstly look into a mirror and analyse the shape of your face. Your face will usually be one of a few different shapes. It can be either square, round, or long.

If you have a round face then pick glasses which are wider. This helps to give your face an appearance of being thinner than it is.

If you have a square face then pick glasses which have lots of depth or decoration on them.

If you have a long face then pick glasses which are wide to make your face appear not as long as it is.

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Car hire tips

One of the best ways to see a new place when you’re on holiday is by hire car. It seems like a great idea and reasonably priced but can end up being a very costly exercise that you never wished you took on.

Here are some tips to consider when hiring your next car.

The first tip is to only buy the basic package from the car hire company without all the add on products such as collision damage waiver and other insurance. These add on products will usually cover the excess you need to pay. Purchasing add-on’s directly from the car hire company is usually very expensive and is much cheaper if you purchase through your own travel insurance.

Secondly, if you’re in a foreign place then bring your own satnav equipment. Car hire companies charge ridiculously high daily rates for hire of this equipment.

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The paradise called Phuket

Phuket is one of the most popular tropical holiday destinations in the world and is Thailand’s largest island. The island stretches 48km and has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. The city of Patong in Phuket is considered to be one of the best and biggest party cities in all of Asia.

Phuket is in the waters of the Indian Ocean and is south of Bangkok. It’s economy used to be primarily focused on tin and rubber and this was largely responsible for the island’s fortunes. Over the last decade however, the focus has turned more toward the tourist trade which has generated a huge amount of wealth and making it the wealthiest province of Thailand.

Weather wise, Phuket has a consistent hot and humid climate all year round and has a monsoon season occurring from May to October. It is best to avoid the island during this time. have a great range of offers on a trip to Phuket. Quite often they will have a discount code that gives you 10% off your hotel booking.

How contact lens are created

For many people, contact lens have been the best life style product ever created. It has given people the opportunity for people to participate in actions they never thought possible when wearing they were restricted to wearing glasses.

There are a few ways that contact lens are made and the way they are made depends on the type of contact lens.

The modern and most popular type of contact lens is the soft contact lens. This contact gets its name by the fact that it is soft to touch as bends without losing it’s corrective properties.

There are two ways in which the soft contact lens is made. The first method is called injection moulding. In the method, the material is made into molten state and placed into a mold. The lens are then cooled and removed from the mold. The lenses are then polished and placed into liquid to soften them.

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Lenovo launches the IdeaPad Yoga 11

It seems that with the release of Windows 8, the next logical step is that PC companies release products that are hybrid laptops and tablets. This is exactly what Lenovo have done with the release of the Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga 11.

The reason for the name Yoga is that the device can bend to your seating position. It can change from a laptop to a tablet and it can be used in a tent formation as well as a standing formation. This flexibility is derived from the fact that it has a smart hinge which can be twisted all the way backwards as well as 360 degrees.

The device has a chassis which feels strong and solid and is a scratch resistant plastic. The device feels slim and is not too heavy either, weighing in at 1.27kg’s.  The device has a number of useful ports including a HDMI port, 2 USB 2.0 ports, headphone jack and SD card slot.

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NAB release December Retail figures

NAB have released it’s retail sales index and it ha shown what many expected which was that online retail sales peaked in November rather than December. To ensure that their Christmas shopping arrived on time, consumers made sure they ordered their goods online early to leave plenty of time for delivery.

This mean that in December, online retail sales grew 23 percent year on year, versus a growth of 27 percent in November. The 23 percent growth is still nothing to be scoffed at and is a great deal higher than the growth that is in traditional retail which recorded a lackluster growth figure of 3.3 percent in December.

Online sales are starting to grow for the big Australian retailers. Woolworths and Wesfarmers have both indicated that online sales are starting to figure heavily on their underlying growth with the highlight for Wesfarmers being Officeworks which has grown online sales by over 10 per cent.

Other smaller stores such as StyleTread continue to perform well as online only stores. There is often a Styletread discount code available to help convince customers to buy online instead.

COD: Black Ops 2 is full of glitches

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 has been one of the most anticipated games for a long while now. With the rise of gaming on handhelds and smartphones, it is rare now to see a game attract such big attention to console gaming.

In fact, in it’s first day, the game sold over $500 million dollars worth of units. The game has bettered the last record set by Modern warfare 3 last year.

Unfortunately for Activision, the games creator, there has also been reports of a large number of problems such as issues with people logging in, the game freezing and connection problems to the server.

Gamers have taken to the internet to complain about their experience with the game so far and have in turn flooded many forums and Activision itself. Many have tried to call the Activision line for help and have found that the queue wait can be over an hour.